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By Peter Neville Lewis, Jan 16 2017 02:05PM

Firstly, can I wish you all every success and happiness in 2017!

Secondly can we perhaps do some business together?

Over the last 12 months I have assembled an exceptional group of very talented individuals who between them have an astonishing range of skills.

Please have a look at our Trusted Advisor Group set out below – I will be surprised if it does not trigger some positive thinking for you.

• If you want to connect with any of them just send me an email.

• It would be fun and mutually beneficial if we can find ways to collaborate.

Let’s make 2017 a special year for getting together!

Here is our Trusted Adviser Group which enables us to deploy subject matter experts for a wide variety of specialist interventions - a Team of all the Talents!

They all hold significant professional qualifications and have many years’ experience of working at Board and Senior Executive levels.

• Specialist topics we can cover include: Corporate Culture, Cultural Integration. Corporate Governance, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Organisational Planning, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Risk & Systems Evaluation, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Employee Disputes, Whistle Blowing, Systems Integration

• One thing links all these people – Integrity. They are exceptional human beings who practice care, humility, honesty, trust, courage...etc .

• Our aim is to be “of service” to our clients and we are proud to have them working alongside us.

Prof Roger Steare BA (Hons) FRSA

• Corporate Philosopher and Visiting Professor in the Practice

of Organisational Ethics, Cass Business School.

• Senior Advisor-People and Culture, Nationwide Building Society

• Author of ethicability ® and co-designer of MoralDNA™

Zarine Jacob BA (Hons) MA (Distinction)

• Intercultural Specialist, particularly in Asia and Middle East.

• Deep understanding of Government departments.

• Holistic Coach and Facilitator

John Burbidge–King

• Anti Bribery and Corruption Expert. Risk Mitigation. BS 10500-2011

• Long experience in overseas markets.

• Past Master – Worshipful Company of World Traders.

Wendy Addison FRSA

• Founder of Speak Out–Speak Up Ltd. Having courageous conversations.

• Advisory Board – Whistle Blowing Research Unit at Middlesex University

• Lecturer at University of Surrey and Warwick Business School

Chris Burt MSc BA(Hons)

• Formerly a partner with Independent Audit, the highly regarded governance consultancy.

• Now founder and lead consultant at Halex Consulting.

• High value governance strategy, risk and assurance consultancy advice and guidance to large financial services clients in the UK and Europe

Kathryn Riley FCIPD

• Faculty of Business & Management - Regent’s University, London

• Director level HR and People strategist

• 20 years’ Board experience

• Conflict & Dispute resolution. Union negotiation

Jane Mitchell FRSA

• Engagement & Communications expert with a strong focus on ethics, values and behaviour.

• C Suite operator

• Strong FTSE delivery track record

Paul Taylor C Eng.

• Senior Partner - Risk Management Options

• Multiple FTSE experience

• Chair of AIRMIC 2011/12

• European Risk Manager of the Year - 2007 (Tetra Laval)

Mike West FCIM FIC

• Senior Partner - BeStrategic

• Strategic Sales and Marketing professional

• 20 years tutoring for IoD Chartered Director programme

• Consults & delivers globally

Mike Thompson FCCA MBA

• Senior Partner MGT Consulting

• Financial Planning

• Fixing finance departments & eliminating back office waste

• Skilled practitioner in back office systems integration

Liz Macann

• Former Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching at the BBC

• Founded the BBC’s in-house Coaching Network, 2001

• International experience and accomplished Conference speaker

By Peter Neville Lewis, Nov 30 2016 09:05AM

So... it appears that the much maligned Millennials (or Gen Y) are nowhere near as bad as it has been made out in the media!

Busting the Millennial Myth!, (co-authored by Pedro and published in conjunction with fieldfisher lawyers and the eaga Trust) highlights that the under 30’s crave

• Purpose, meaning, feedback, clear instructions and the minimum of interference.

• Being heard and having their opinions considered. Voice matters greatly!

• Money is not their driving force – in fact “making a difference” to the wider community carries greater clout for Millennials.

• However they like the idea of profit sharing as this is a more egalitarian way wealth distribution.

If they find this overall workplace ethos, they are likely to commit fully and enthusiastically to your cause.

The economic sector which is most likely to benefit from their more altruistic and less hierarchical mindset is, no surprises, Employee Ownership or similar forms of mutuality.

So, once again organisations like John Lewis Partnership. Arup (design & civil engineering), Wilkin (Tiptree jams), Scott Bader 9 specialty chemicals), numerous firms of architects etc etc look like the winners for the hearts and minds of this talented generation.

But the uglier side of capitalism (Sports Direct, Topshop/BHS, Volkswagen, Tesco, the big banks etc had better get their act together or they will continue to lose or even fail to attract the brightest new talent.

CLICK HERE (For a quick overview go to Summary p8 and Observations pp27-28)

Enjoy my Report!

Pedro the Jester

By Peter Neville Lewis, Nov 17 2016 02:52PM

This iconic black and yellow jar (and its contents), which recently hit the headlines, has come to symbolise many of the people and issues that are engaging us right now.

Opinions are often very polarised re celebrities and current hot topics!

It’s like the Emperor’s decision at the end of a gladiatorial contest –

Thumbs Up or Thumbs down?

• Donald Trump

• Hillary Clinton

• Wayne Rooney

• X Factor/Simon Cowell

• Jeremy Corbyn

• Craig Revell Horwood (Strictly!)

• Heathrow’s 3rd runway

• Nigel Farage

• HS2

• Jose Mourinho

Oh ..and not forgetting Bob Dylan’s Nobel Literature Prize!

The times they are a-changing......

Who is your Marmite person or thing? Do leave a comment!

Pedro the Jester

By Peter Neville Lewis, Sep 16 2016 08:57AM

I have to confess I have had nagging doubts about this “New Age” practice for some time. So my attention was inevitably drawn to the following:

• Economists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Gothenburg believe the evidence for the alleged benefits of mindfulness (meditation to you and me, or just simply taking a time out to refocus?) may be “inconsistent and subjective”.

• Researchers found that putting students on a 6 week mindfulness course did not make them anymore likely to eat healthily, exercise more or give up smoking etc.

• In fact watching 6 hours of a TV programme on the origins of civilisation appeared to have much the same effect!

• Biochemical stress responses in the two control groups were similar.

(An interesting fact is also that 25% of the students dropped out during the experiment)

Another doubting view comes from Miguel Farias, an expert in cognitive psychology, who has found that:

Mindfulness can even induce mania, depression and psychosis!

Not quite what was intended and a salutary warning to GP’s a third of whom, it is estimated, happily refer patients with anxiety/addiction problems to mindfulness courses!

(Another drain on scarce NHS resources?)

A final quote from a neuroscientist at Cardiff University:

“trouble is.... mindfulness has been co-opted by so many now, mostly looking to make some money out of a currently fashionable but cheap to use thing."

Hmmm?.... Maybe I should just pop down to my local WH Smith and buy myself a mindfulness colouring book?

Cheaper than a 3 month contemplation programme with a trendy guru!!

Pedro the Jester

By Peter Neville Lewis, Aug 10 2016 08:13AM

Can we please stop banging on about Agility!

It’s been around for 15 years so it really isn’t very new.

And yet it is being advocated every week as the latest business solution. Pish!

• What does it really mean in a business context – being adaptable, nimble, quick to react and recombine?

If so, any business worth its salt will have been doing this for years or else it will have gone OUT of business!

• Or does it just mean adapting very quickly?

Again fast decision making is not necessarily the best option – more often pandering to instant gratification in a world where few people have mastered the art of consideration.

Too quick often equals repent at leisure....

Perhaps being agile has more to do with observing carefully the changes that are constantly happening .. the VUCA world of volatility,uncertainty,complexity and ambiguity – and then involving groups of forward thinking people to consider the best approaches and likely outcomes.

So...listen to the wisdom of your people and you might just end up being more effective.

If you must call this Agility be very clear what you actually mean and are seeking to achieve.

Otherwise the word itself will ultimately become debased as a business term.

Pedro the Jester


Why The Corporate Jester?


Because there is always a need to “call it out”, point out the emperor’s clothes may not be quite so fancy as he thinks (or others are telling him) and boldly say what others dare not!


The role of court jester was well known centuries ago and they had the licence to attack pomposity or stupidity in their betters without fear of retribution. (Well nearly!) Many of Shakespeare’s plays have a fool who is the commentator on human foibles – the most famous probably being in King Lear, the architect of his own downfall through his wilfulness.  Familiar?


May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?  (Fool – King Lear, Act 1 scene 4)