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Why Corbyn and Co are the real enemies of the people!

By Peter Neville Lewis, Feb 2 2018 12:49PM

Karl Marx was born 200 years ago. Marx saw a world where capital subjugated labour for its own return.

Big business today is the ultimate expression of capital which spawns technologies that have increasingly little need for traditional labour.

So what, I hear you say, about all the jobs that will be displaced by automation? What has happened to the labour of Marx’s day, the factory workers born of the industrial revolution that he thought should overthrow the bourgeoisie? Nearly all gone (in the developed world) and getting better elsewhere, replaced by better and more effective ways of working. And… in the meantime, much of humanity has been lifted out of abject poverty.

2017 was probably the very best year in the long history of humanity. A smaller share of the world’s people were hungry, impoverished or illiterate than at any time before. A smaller proportion of children died than ever before. Every year, the number of people around the world living in extreme poverty (less than about $2 a day) goes down by around 50 million, according to calculations by Max Roser, an Oxford University economist. Do the Corbynistas and their left wing allies elsewhere ever tell us this?

Let’s not seek to minimize the real struggles however, much less the real displacements that will come from new technologies. Yes there will be pain as these help the industrial and commercial world work better; more and more; eventually they will replace that old world completely.

This, though, is why it is worth remembering that the world is not static: to replace basic human labour is, in the long run, to free humans to create entirely new needs and the means to satisfy those needs. It’s what humanity has been doing for centuries, and the faith to believe it will happen again will be the best guide in figuring out how we navigate the challenges of the future.

Both the developed and under developed world of the 21st century are infinitely better places for humans to thrive in than was the case 100 years ago. Except for places like Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc where hopelessly misguided leaders following communist precepts have destroyed living standards for their people.

This is what Corbyn and his motley crew of Marxists, Trotsykites, Momentum followers and outright anarchists will do to us if we ever give them power!

Pedro the Jester

NB Acknowledgements to CapX for basic material for the above

Feb 6 2018 03:21PM by Peter Jones

A pity you provide no evidence to support your argument. So you prefer the incompetence of the current Government to any alternative. Then we had better become a Tory dictatorship.
We in the middle class have generally done well in recent years. But the wonders of 2017 were missed by a lot of people, probably the great majority.
In the UK alone:
- NHS spending cut - as the population gets older and more of us survive with various ailments and the cost of medication increases ahead of inflation
- the horrors of Universal Credit. Great in theory; abysmal in practice. Conceived by a Tory Minister who had plenty of wealth and failed to realise that too many people stil cope on weekly rather than monthly pay - and usually pay which differs from week to week.
- the increasing proportion of the population who cannot afford to buy homes so have to rent. How will they cope when they are still renting after retirement and do not have sufficient pension income.
- a country where people working or not have to rely on food banks. A good thing according to Mogg who knows about these things.
- the mess of Brexit where Tories sound more like Marxists than anyone else when they say that no deal is better than any deal. Lawson and Lamond were Chancellors but they seem to propound that view.

PS Who are the "outright anarchists"? neat phrase but meaningless without some justification.

Best wishes

Feb 6 2018 10:23PM by Peter Jones

Does this mean that you now regard me as an ‘enemy’. A very strong word in a Parliamentary democracy.

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