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SNAFU and FUBAR = Warfare in the White House

By Peter Neville Lewis, Aug 1 2017 09:11AM


These two splendid WW2 acronyms translate as

Situation Normal – All F****d Up!

F*****d Up Beyond All Recognition!

Seems like a fairly accurate description of the Trump administration right now?

Throw into the mix “The Mooch”, as Antonio Scaramucci * is known, and you are getting close to a combo of Goodfellas and The Sopranos

The Mooch recently described ex Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, as a “f******g paranoid schizophrenic” and then threatened to “kill all the f******g leakers” in the White House!

It wasn’t long till Press Sec Spicer went to ground before being taken out in a hail of twitter bullets and it looks like the next guy slated for a concrete overcoat is AG Jeff Sessions.

To add to the White House cult of gang warfare Steve Bannon has issued “warnings” that Facebook and Google should be regulated as public utilities (despite their not being owned by the State!).

Orchestrating all this is the Godfather re-incarnate, aka The Don-ald (funny coincidence this...).

It was a lie but he believed in telling lies to people . Truth telling and medicine just didn’t go together except in dire emergencies.

Behind every successful fortune there is a crime

(Mario Puzi – The Godfather)

Somehow it feels like fiction and reality have become conflated. So will a hitman take The Donald himself down perhaps??

Given the propensity for political assassinations in the US it is far from improbable in this bizarre landscape where SNAFU and FUBAR are the order of the day.

Pedro the Jester

Aug 1 2017 11:42AM by George Knight

Neat summary Pedro

Aug 1 2017 04:51PM by David Physick

Niall Ferguson added his two-penneth in last weekend's Sunday Times, see This probably won't open in its entirety due to the Murdoch paywall, which I guess is SNAFU for that global enterprise.

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Why The Corporate Jester?


Because there is always a need to “call it out”, point out the emperor’s clothes may not be quite so fancy as he thinks (or others are telling him) and boldly say what others dare not!


The role of court jester was well known centuries ago and they had the licence to attack pomposity or stupidity in their betters without fear of retribution. (Well nearly!) Many of Shakespeare’s plays have a fool who is the commentator on human foibles – the most famous probably being in King Lear, the architect of his own downfall through his wilfulness.  Familiar?


May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?  (Fool – King Lear, Act 1 scene 4)