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Busting the Millennial Myth!

By Peter Neville Lewis, Nov 30 2016 09:05AM

So... it appears that the much maligned Millennials (or Gen Y) are nowhere near as bad as it has been made out in the media!

Busting the Millennial Myth!, (co-authored by Pedro and published in conjunction with fieldfisher lawyers and the eaga Trust) highlights that the under 30’s crave

• Purpose, meaning, feedback, clear instructions and the minimum of interference.

• Being heard and having their opinions considered. Voice matters greatly!

• Money is not their driving force – in fact “making a difference” to the wider community carries greater clout for Millennials.

• However they like the idea of profit sharing as this is a more egalitarian way wealth distribution.

If they find this overall workplace ethos, they are likely to commit fully and enthusiastically to your cause.

The economic sector which is most likely to benefit from their more altruistic and less hierarchical mindset is, no surprises, Employee Ownership or similar forms of mutuality.

So, once again organisations like John Lewis Partnership. Arup (design & civil engineering), Wilkin (Tiptree jams), Scott Bader 9 specialty chemicals), numerous firms of architects etc etc look like the winners for the hearts and minds of this talented generation.

But the uglier side of capitalism (Sports Direct, Topshop/BHS, Volkswagen, Tesco, the big banks etc had better get their act together or they will continue to lose or even fail to attract the brightest new talent.

CLICK HERE (For a quick overview go to Summary p8 and Observations pp27-28)

Enjoy my Report!

Pedro the Jester

Nov 30 2016 10:34AM by Rupert

Totally agree with the sentiment of the report. Over 15 years working with "millennials" and people entering the workplace we have found very similar realities to what you describe.

We have consistently found that "millennials" want the same as the rest of the organisation. To work in an organisation that is doing something of value, to be well led and well managed and to have autonomy over how they do their work.

The key difference for "millennials" is that the workplace they are entering is significantly different from 20 or event 10 years ago. We are firmly of the belief that the workplace context has changed more than the individual. Organisations are less patient for results and that is mirrored by people entering the workforce. It has never been easier to find a job through the unbelievable power of Linkedin to connect you and your specific skills to specific opportunities.
Our view is that if you run a well managed organisation it will work well for millennials and all the other so called generations!!

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