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Business Culture - WINNER!

By Peter Neville Lewis, Dec 1 2017 09:28AM

Delighted to announce that our client CHARPAK Ltd was RUNNER UP (highly commended) in the entire UK SME category at the Nov 29, 2017 Business Culture Awards gala event.

Fantastic achievement guys!

Other winners on the night included Easyjet, Vodafone, TFL and the Home Office – so Charpak was in pretty good company.

So proud of them and, of course, the work we have done with them, including the production of their Charpak Charter of core values, over many years.

It’s a lovely payback for everyone!

Pedro the Jester

Dec 1 2017 04:51PM by George Knight

Fantastic - well done indeed Peter
Good to see corporate culture getting the profile it deserves

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