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A Load of HOGG wash?

By Peter Neville Lewis, Mar 21 2017 02:15PM

Don’t you find it extraordinary that even if Charlotte Hogg had a very regrettable memory lapse about her brother Quintin’s job at Barclays that nobody else in the BofE spotted it?

You can’’t be SERIOUS!

Director of Group Strategy at Barclays Investment Bank is hardly a position which is not on the City radar?

And he has been an employee at Barclays in various senior roles since 2006.

How this gross breach of governance slipped through Internal Audit at the BofE beggars belief.

Ms Hogg herself admits she gave false evidence re her potential conflict of interest when interviewed internally.

Doubly worrying is that Mark Carney thought a verbal warning (yellow card) would suffice until his weak judgement was overturned by Andrew Tyrie, who chairs the Treasury Select Committee. He saw this as a prima facie conduct failing and a straight red!

The Hogg family have form too. Her Dad, when he was an MP, was also guilty of a compliance peccadillo when he (carelessly?) pushed through in 2009 a £2k claim against his parliamentary expenses for having his moat cleaned!! Remember that one?

(His reward btw for standing down at the next election in 2010 was a seat in the Lords. Good old Dave - never too hot on the ethical stuff....)

So economy of truth seems to run in the family....

The big question now is Quis Custodet Custodes?

OR do we just have to put up with a load of HOGG wash?

Pigs and troughs also spring to mind but that’s enough of this metaphor...

Oink Oink!

Pedro the Jester


More embarassment in high places... The FRC, so called watchdog for the Auditing Profession, has itself slipped up!

A senior barrister, former Chief Inspector of the CPS no less, and a legal adviser of the FRC, has allegedly leaked a guilty judgement against PWC ahead of official publication to the legal correspondent of The Times claiming it will make “good copy”.

Ye Gods! Can no-one be trusted?

Quis, blooming well, Custodet Custodes? Again....

No wonder there is so much contempt for the supposed ELITE = Ego-driven, Lying, Immoral, Tortuous, Evasive

Mar 23 2017 05:09PM by George

Could this be a Delacroix moment?

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Why The Corporate Jester?


Because there is always a need to “call it out”, point out the emperor’s clothes may not be quite so fancy as he thinks (or others are telling him) and boldly say what others dare not!


The role of court jester was well known centuries ago and they had the licence to attack pomposity or stupidity in their betters without fear of retribution. (Well nearly!) Many of Shakespeare’s plays have a fool who is the commentator on human foibles – the most famous probably being in King Lear, the architect of his own downfall through his wilfulness.  Familiar?


May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?  (Fool – King Lear, Act 1 scene 4)