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  • Better understanding and articulation of values and purpose

  • Clarity around strategic thinking and innovation

  • Enhanced decision making and courageous execution

  • Ethical Leadership

  • Governance and operating standards aligned with values to mitigate risk and protect against reputational harm

The first three questions are relatively easy to answer but without the moral justification of the fourth question the end can justify the means and a totalitarian philosophy can then take over.

This can have disastrous and costly consequences – witness the many well known organisations (public and private sector) whose capital value and reputation has been severely damaged through careless decisions.

Organisations need their teams to demonstrate more of their individual Humanity and Integrity in the workplace through serving and caring for every stakeholder and by developing a community of belonging.


Are we doing the right thing?


Do we have a noble purpose?

Are we doing it in the right way?


Are we operating decently and transparently?

Are we doing it for the right reasons?


Can we justify our “licence to operate”?

Is what we do based on the right values?


Do moral values guide our decisioning?

"A huge thank you for your support at the Legal Leaders & General Counsel Conference this week - the feedback was fantastic!  Everyone was very impressed with the calibre of the speaker panel and you did a great job in setting the scene for the rest of the event. Once again, many thanks for your contribution!"


Marcella Barron, Head of Conferences, Tavistock Media - May, 2016


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